Why Choose Fundraising Solutions?

Fundraising Solutions, Inc. is a political fundraising firm headquartered in Downtown Dallas. The firm specializes in connecting political candidates to the financial support vital to a successful campaign in Texas.

Fundraising Solutions has raised money for Republican Primary Presidential candidates, statewide offices, Texas Senate and legislative races, focus specific and Presidential Political Action Committees and local non-partisan mayoral and city council races. Through the use of a comprehensive company-built database, Fundraising Solutions is able to find the best support for the candidate through an extensive list of donors and election-specific givers. Fundraising Solutions has had great success throughout the state of Texas and raised millions of dollars in the last several statewide election cycles.

Cynthia Wiedemann, owner and founder of Fundraising Solutions, Inc., is a highly respected name in the political scene and well known amongst political candidates and their supporters.

What Makes Fundraising Solutions Unique?

With over 30 years of experience in Texas politics, Fundraising Solutions provides the operational expertise and meaningful relationships required to provide outstanding, principled campaign support to candidates and their campaigns.